Our aim is to listen to your personal dental needs and expectations to offer the most appropriate dental treatment for you.

We aim to provide exceptional dental Colac Dental Group Shotcare for you and your family.

Our dental team is fully qualified to help with dental phobias. We listen and we care. We offer a wide range of treatment options including penthrox, happy gas and Valium if required.

We have 5 fully qualified dentists from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Latrobe Bendigo.

Our dental assistants have Certificate III in Dental assisting from RMIT university in Melbourne.

We care about our community and promote good dental health to our schools, kinders, sports groups and health groups.

Clean and Safe Practice:

Colac Dental Practice goes above and beyond the Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommended standards for infection control.

Colac Dental Group Shot

Each and every instrument is either disposable or thoroughly cleaned and sterilised at 135 degrees Celsius in a steam steriliser, which is TGA approved and operated according to the standards AS/NZS 4187 and AS/NZS 4815. We have an entire sterilisation room devoted to cleaning every instrument before use. Each steriliser is tested every morning before use and serviced by a qualified service technician. Every sterilisation cycle is documented and each instrument used during your treatment is tracked individually to you.

We also sanitise our rooms between patients before new plastic barrier wraps and instruments are placed for your treatment.

Colac Dental Practice is the only private dental practice in Colac and district that has completed and passed Practice Accreditation with QIP. You can be confident that we follow all federal and state regulations to ensure that we provide excellent, safe and consistent care to you and your family.

Accreditation means that we follow high standards and have integrated the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards into our everyday practice.


Our staff attend monthly training to ensure we continue to provide an excellent standard of care every day. We have external assessors in infection control training and CPR training attend our practice to train our staff. All of our team are trained in the use of our onsite defibrillator and laryngeal airways to ensure you are well looked after even in the event of an emergency.

Our dentists attend a minimum of 30 hours a year of continuing education and are all members of the Australian Dental Association.


Colac Dental Practice is committed to the prevention of dental disease and injuries in Colac.

We participate in Dental Health Week Yearly. In 2016 we provided a free information evening about Pregnancy and Oral Health. In 2017 we focused on “Oral Health for Busy Lives” with our tooth fairies giving out toothpaste and toothbrushes in Murray St.

We also partner with local sporting clubs to promote the use of mouthguards to the community.

Colac Dental Practice visits our local schools and kindergartens to promote healthy teeth and mouthguard awareness. Most primary school children in Colac now know exactly what to do if you knock out a tooth! We also deliver informative lectures on oral health to various community health groups.


Your privacy is respected.

Our practice is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act), Victorian Health Records Act 2001 and applicable state legislation. Our practice reviews and updates our privacy policy on a regular basis. A copy is available to view from our office.

Colac Dental Group Shot